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Applied Social Psychology and Counseling

July 2, 2017 No Comments

Among the problems of being a trainee of psychology is they find out everything in components as well as pass examinations in separate locations of the topic. These could bring about disjointed understanding – a failure to attach the dots. This paper is an attempt to wed the insights of Social Psychology and Therapy method. Can counselors find out some broader insights from social research? I will certainly explore an example of timeless research study as well as attempt to see just how it could benefit the counselor in practice.

Intro The majority of psychology students after graduation could not constantly see the connection between one area of mental knowledge and also one more – also well known psychologists manage to find up with “brand-new” ideas which plainly are not – yet where their subconscious has actually dragged two facts together to make a correlation that reveal a new idea – not that one may trigger the other. As an example Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is utilized by many counselors, psychiatrists and also clinical counselors yet couple of comprehend that its principals lie squarely with Freudian reasoning.

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Counselors are not always educated in psychology as well as many discover their understanding in short training courses designed by institution of higher learning’s to one standard or an additional. Whatever before method you take a look at it their knowledge is commonly full of spaces. This is mainly due to the propensity to learn only one college of thought, i.e. CBT, psychodynamics, psychotherapy and also various other areas – however limited commonly to a certain theory or school of thought. This results in the very same circumstance as our found out friends re-inventing the wheel. Numerous counselors on my very own workshops are stunned when you existing something novel and then inform them that really created the concept – after that they all sigh – Therapist in New Orleans I would like below to present some samples using social mental research study and also exactly how we could marry the knowledge to help us become better counselors as well as better researchers of our very own practice.