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ITSM (IT Service Management) – the modern management concept for IT divisions

September 6, 2018 No Comments

ITSM is a rather new management concept for IT divisions. Its essence very well is characterized by the f fact IT providers of services aren’t able to afford to concentrate on technologies and the internal organization anymore. Now they need to take the quality of services which they provide into account and to be focused on customer relations. Or in other words, ITSM platform essence in modern understanding consists in need of transition from the traditional model where the main goal is actually to support of an IT infrastructure, to the scheme oriented to servicing of the core business of the company. The solution for such a task is complicated by the fact that for this purpose it will be required to review quite considerably general positioning of service IT divisions in the structure of the companies.

That is, the main idea of ITSM is in that the IT department stopped being an auxiliary element for the core business of the company, responsible only for the operation of separate servers, networks, and applications. The IT department shall become the full participant of business, acting as the supplier of services for business divisions, and the relations between them are formalized as the relations “the supplier of services – the consumer of services”. The business division formulates the requirements to a necessary range of services and their quality, and an IT of division support and develop information infrastructure of the company so that it was able to provide the requested service with the set quality.


Complete transition to a service basis will allow IT divisions of any company not only to turn from costly division into the center of profit earning but also to offer the IT services outside own organization, having passed with that to the status of the department with the independent budget.
There is no consensus about what it is necessary to begin in case of transfer of IT division on a service basis with work. The right approach is to choose own, unique method of creation of processes of ITSM always remains behind the company.

The most important component of the implementation of ITSM – development of the formalized processes of an IT department. For each process the sequence of performance of works, necessary resources and costs of time, the automation equipment and quality control is determined. Besides, if the process is accurately determined and documented, including input parameters and results of accomplishment, it is possible to measure its performance. It is especially important when there is a task of implementation of service of the set quality for the determined cost stands up for the IT department. And it will allow to enhance the process and to make the necessary changes in the anticipatory mode – still before there was a failure in service implementation.